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Herøya 1943

Herøya 1943 tells the story of the deadly US bomb attack on July 24, 1943 and the events leading up to it.


  • Tuesday 9. June
    21:30 / Maritime Museum,SjøfartsmuseetSold out
  • Wednesday 10. June
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  • Thursday 11. June
    21:30 / Maritime Museum,SjøfartsmuseetBuy
  • Friday 12. June
    21:30 / Maritime Museum,SjøfartsmuseetBuy
  • Wednesday 17. June
    21:30 / Maritime Museum,SjøfartsmuseetBuy
  • Thursday 18. June
    21:30 / Maritime Museum,SjøfartsmuseetBuy
  • Friday 19. June
    21:30 / Maritime Museum,SjøfartsmuseetBuy

Om forestillingen

2t 30m

Herøya 1943 tells the story of the deadly US bomb attack on July 24, 1943 and the events leading up to it – Hydro’s collaboration with Nazi Germany on the construction of the light metal industry on Herøya.

What happens to a society that is lured or forced into a fatal armament venture? We follow the employees and forced laborers at the light metals plant at Norsk Hydro and I. G. Farben on Herøya as well as employees and visitors at Hydro’s representative building Admini and soldiers in the SS Guard battalion guarding the plant.

Herøya 1943 follows the events from Meierislaget 1933 (Battle at the dairy 1933) and is produced with a large ensemble of professionals and amateurs alike. Herøya 1943 is the second installment of a trilogy from director and screenwriter Tor Arne Ursin on the political and social conflicts in the Porsgrunn throughout the most dramatic years in our history.

Herøya 1943 premieres June 9, 2020 and is performed at Maritime Museum (Sjøfartsmuseet) in Porsgrunn.

About Battle at the dairy 1933: “Can eighty-five-year-old workers’ stories have something to say to people today? At Grenland Friteater the answer is a clear and resounding yes. “The Battle at the Dairy 1933” (…), with its prediction of the coming of Nazism and the painful double role of Norwegian police during the war – is entertaining political folk comedy about a society’s choices. “- Lillian Bikset, Dagbladet

Playwriter and Director: Tor Arne Ursin

Dramaturge: Jesper Halle