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ARTIST IN RESIDENCE! We are happy to host T.I.T.S. in a residency stay at Friteatret for the second time. They just won the Ceny Thalie, the Czech Thalia award, for “Badman”, which premiered here in February -20 at Vinterscenen. “DAVE AND GOLLY” is a play about virtual loneliness. Performed in English!


Om forestillingen

In a world where every step of our lives depends on the growth and spread of algorithms, in “DAVE & GOLLY” you meet an individual who finds himself in dialogue with home-composed virtual characters. He/she/ asks if technology helps us with connection in depth and meaning, in relationships with other people, and if it can even help us find “true love”.

What is this vague feeling? What vacuum do we live in? What is behind the wheel of this endless rollercoaster of emotions I live in my on-line life?

“DAVE & GOLLY” is an audiovisual performance where T.I.T.S. sets up a piece written by Serge Hernandez (FR/US). It explores the impact of social media, the 24-hour-news cycle and  internet’s influence on the human psyche in a hybrid solo performance.

Adults/ youngsters from 16 years.