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Impure Company: The Dead Live On in Our Dreams

Performance by and with Hooman Sharifi and Camara Lundestad Joof. This version is developed specially for Vinterscenen.


Om forestillingen

“The Dead Live on in Our Dreams” is a piece that takes root in the identity experience of the artist and in its changes and manipulations. This work crosses dance, Persian music and storytelling. Movement is word, and the sounds played live are places that also create other places at that precise moment. Persian music and poetry are based on building standardised phrases passed on from master to student, who absorbs them and then starts improvising. Memory is inscribed in the body, as if falling, and generates new vocabulary, which creates a new vital, harmonic space with the audience with each presentation. Hooman Sharifi believes that if we want to change the future we need to analyse the past and manipulate it so that history becomes something else, from personal stories to the very history of mankind. As if it were a love battle, the Arab Room will turn into an arena, and the audience will witness that nostalgic journey between what is past and what is envisioned.