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Winter Scene

Grenland Friteaters intimate winter festival with performances, work in progress, concerts, parties etc.


Next festival is 11-13th of february 2022

Winter Scene will be a biennale. See you 11 – 13th of february 2022


Programme from february 2020. Sorry, it’s all in norwegian, but you get an idea:-)


Scenekunst strategier for framtida

et helhetlig blikk på scenekunsten? Konferansen arrangeres i samarbeid med Danse- og Teatersentrum.

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My life as a man

An autobiographical excursion into the story of my Norwegian working class origin which then become my working class characters. My stories in theatre, the reasons why I make theatre, the

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An audiovisual fysiscal performance about masculinity and power – taken, twisted and regained by a female performer.

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All we do is in vain (or not)

a cross-over concert with elements of film, theatre, poetry, sounds ….

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Premiere! Soloperformance that explores themes as identity and our need to define others and ourselves.

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Reading from Prisoners of the Occupation

The documentary play is written by the Israeli writer Einat Weizman together with political prisoners. The piece gives a voice of the most hidden of all victims of the Israeli occupation.

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Texture and Movement Sound/ Words/ Bodies – Edwin Cabascango

The performance is based on the thought of Tony Oxley that music is starting out from silence.

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Impure Company: The Dead Live On in Our Dreams

Performance by and with Hooman Sharifi and Camara Lundestad Joof. This version is developed specially for Vinterscenen.

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Bingo BAR charter edition

Bingo and bar, live-music and show and a bit of drag ……

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Sagliocco Ensemble: Two Words!

An absurd, humorous and dark story by the French award-winning writer Philipe Dorin. Perfectly performed by Guandaline Sagliocco.

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Arbeids visninger lørdag

Works in progress

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Arbeidsvisninger og kunstner samtaler søndag

Works in progress and artist talks

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Holy Ghost House

ADG -Armageddon Deconstruction Group – wants to make the rooms in Huken 7 come alive in another time and reality …

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