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The smell of money

June 3rd Grenland Friteater presents a new performance – The smell of money.

The smell of money is Grenland Friteater’s new spectacular outdoor performance – in the tradition of Smugglers, Harde Tak and Flukten.

Based on characters from Kjartan Fløgstad novels we take the audience on a spectacular two-hour outdoor walking-performance in exciting surroundings around DuVerden Maritime Museum in Porsgrunn.

In this modern fairy tale, we follow the ” inscrutable ways of capitalism” around the globe from Porsgrunn to Peru. Through port areas, jungle and city slums we travel before we end up by a shiny new factory.

But who did we ourselves become along this way? What side are we on?

What does the violent and class divided Latin American reality do with our own democratic and equal ideology?