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Current performances


2. September 2020 - 6. September 2020

Stedsans 2020

Stedsans er tilbake! Porselen, Park og Promenade heter årets vandring, som går fra Rådhusamfiet til Porselensfabrikken. Årets vandring varer ca 2 timer.

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26. June 2020

VIRUS – en fuge

Vi er stolte og glade over å ha verdenspremiere på det nyskrevne stykket VIRUS – en fuge av nylig Hedda nominerte Fredrik Brattberg!

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3. June 2021 - 18. June 2021

Herøya 1943

Herøya 1943 tells the story of the deadly US bomb attack on July 24, 1943 and the events leading up to it. Postponed to 2021 due to the corona situation.

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24. August 2020 - 18. October 2020

The beehive

On tour in fall 2020. In close interaction with the children, Lars Vik tells a captivating story about a farmer – and his bees.

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16. September 2020 - 30. November 2020

Give me a clown while I am still alive

Gunn Inger is educated as a musical artist and drama teacher. She has written an exceptional story about her own disease, full of humor, madness and sadness. Directed by Anne-Sophie Erichsen

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4. November 2020

Of course, Nora!

Ibsens Nora for children! We have created a very funny meeting between a cake-eating Ibsen celebrating his birthday, and Nora, the doll that does no longer want to be a doll.

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Kjartan Fløgstad in conversation with Tor Arne Ursin

A tour organized by Folkeakademiet

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24. October 2020 - 9. November 2020

Scene! Art

Sarah Bonnard has bought a package on the internett: How to create your own performance in 45 minutes! That is exactly what she does. Guandaline Sagliocco is brilliant!

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Everything for science!

The story of Kristian Birkeland. This is the performance about the brilliant scientist who made the Norsk Hydro industrial adventure possible, but was almost forgotten after his death.

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6. October 2020 - 18. October 2020

Aluminium Songs

Geddy Aniksdal has written biographical texts from her childhood in Årdal, where her father worked in the aluminum industry. She is touring with a band. Composer: Guttorm Guttormsen

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When New Age came to the Village

When New Age came to the Village is an autobiographical performance that focuses on the issues of freedom/boundaries, prejudice, collectivism and individualization. With Simone Thiis, directed by Anne-Sophie Erichsen

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No doctor for the dead

No doctor for the Dead is an intimate performance with actor/singer Geddy Aniksdal, accompanied by Anette Röde on the piano, based on the texts of Georg Johannesen.

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All we do is in vain (or not)

a cross-over concert with elements of film, theatre, poetry, sounds ….

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You will never again meet people who have suffered heartbreak in the same manner, after having seen Ingvild Hogstads “Heartbreak”. This is what Varden wrote after the premiere 16th of

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My life as a man

An autobiographical excursion into the story of my Norwegian working class origin which then become my working class characters. My stories in theatre, the reasons why I make theatre, the

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Mr. Fumblebody

Lars Vik’s solo performance about the helpless ex-lawyer was first performed in 1990. Th character is inspired by silent film masters such as Buster Keaton, Chaplin and Jaques Tati.

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The journey to Venice

The journey to Venice Grenland Friteater stage, in their 40th year as theatre, the Norwegian author Bjørg Vik’s play Reisen til Venezia (The journey to Venice). Reisen til Venezia is a

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7 Songs of the Refugee

7 Songs of the Refugee 7 Songs of the Refugee is the third solo production based on Georg Johannesen’s texts featuring Geddy Aniksdal. The previous productions Blue is the Smoke of War

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The Art of falling

An unpretentious theatre conference where Lars Vik invite to a close contact with his alter ego ,the ridiculously helpless Fritjof Fomlesen, as well as an introduction to the art of falling.

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The truth is a lot worse

Lars Vik and Leif Winther present the spirit smuggler and author Arthur Omre. Biography and hard-boiled art of writing accompanied by fluctuating notes from a baritone sax.

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Best Friends

Theater Avik in co-production with Grenland Friteater. A musical performance for young and old children and adults.

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The Tatoo

The tattoo is storytelling theater with with well-known stories from amongst others Asbjørnsen and Moe

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Roy & Ronaldsen

The two well-grown and unorthodox waiters try to survive as freelance serving staff in a crowded job market.

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Super Solness

Ibsen for children. A performance inspired by The Master Builder

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Lonely Eyolf

Ibsen for children, inspired by Little Eyolf.

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Finally Ellida

Ibsen for children. inspired by The Lady from the Sea.

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Ars Moriendi – or seven ways of dying

A dramatic and musical performance of all the poems in Georg Johannesen’s Ars Moriendi. With actor Lasse Lindtner and musician and composer Anette Röde Hagnell

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Recognition-the phsychology of evil

The theme of RECOGNITION is the language of power, from a small situation between a few people, to the more global examples where one group of people actually slaughters another.

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Songs of noise and silence

A work demonstration with Anette Röde Hagnell and Geddy Aniksdal

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My personal work

A work demonstration by and with Anne-Sophie Erichsen.

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