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Arbeids visninger lørdag

Works in progress

Om forestillingen

Work in progress:

Ida Løken Valkeapää og Lina Killingdalen – HAÍRESIS – strofer fra verdens ende  

Teater Viva (dk) – From dark waters 

A dark, autobiographical story about surviving  in a dangerous family, in  times of destruction. 

Hilo Rojo Teatro: Giulia Esposito – Viva

“Viva” stems from the need to preserve my family’s first and second’s world war memories, through the stories that were transmitted to me by my grandmothers and uncles.  (Performed in english)

Ricardo Benfatto og Giulia Esposito

a work demonstration of Commedia dell´Arte  (Performed in English)

Kirkens Bymisjon kl 17:  Teatergruppa Ut from CRUX Tilja Oppfølgingssenter 

Songs, texts and poems by the thetregroup UT. Kirkens Bymisjon opens their cafe, there you can buy soup and “sveler” .