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Erklæring for bærekraft

Declaration for Sustainability  

Grenland Friteater’s activities strongly align with the objectives outlined in the ‘ Vision 2030 of Nordic Council of Ministers’ incorporating several strategies and practices to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to the fight against climate change.  

 Sustainable strategic priorities build on our previous work and have been guided by our vision. Our priorities are consistent with sustainability obligations. By maintaining these key focal points, we will be better positioned as organizations to help the region become smarter in the way we use resources and to encourage more sustainable resource use within the arts. Fundamental to the realization of our vision is our continuing commitment to the partnering relationships demonstrating best practice and innovation in our sustainable solutions. We will provide partners and other stakeholders within our projects information and assistance to implement sustainable solutions that improve the long-term performance and economic viability. 

 Approaches include knowledge sharing, information and decision-making, training and capacity building. By becoming better in the way we use resources at all stages of projects life cycle, we can generate real value. Innovative thinking will help us to get better at using our resources and at choosing how we work. 

 Other approaches include: 

  •  Reducing Travel and Promoting Sustainable Mobility by using Virtual Collaboration as far as possible. Integrate a mix of online meetings, virtual rehearsals, and collaborative platforms to reduce the need for extensive travel, particularly for administrative meetings or discussions. 
  •  We will encourage sustainable modes of transport, especially for shorter distances. Facilitate the use of public transportation or promote the use of environmentally friendly modes of travel like trains for intercity movement among project participants. 
  •  Energy-Efficient Practices will also be used. We will choose energy-efficient venues and promote energy-saving measures, and encourage participants to minimize energy use during rehearsals, performances, or project-related activities. 
  •  Regarding Waste Management we will Minimize paper usage and embrace a paperless approach wherever possible, preferring digital communication, documentation, and promotional materials. 
  •  We will encourage the use of recyclable or reusable materials for props, costumes, and set designs. Implement proper waste segregation and recycling practices during project activities. 
  • We will strive towards a continuous Improvement. Regularly evaluate and refine sustainability strategies, learning from successes and challenges to continually improve environmental practices.
  • By integrating these practices into the project, we can significantly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, promoting sustainable practices in the arts, and demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility in line with the objectives outlined in the ‘ Vision 2030 of Nordic Council of Ministers’. 

 We will provide sustainability expertise and resources to support groups, facilitating workshops and developing resources to inform and assist partners to adopt more sustainable approaches. We will work to increase the focus on sustainability and build sustainability knowledge, skills, capacity, and behavior through all levels of our activities.