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Visjoner og verdier

Vision and mission 

Our vision is to be a vibrant and attractive cultural and social hub for stage arts locally, nationally, and internationally, where freedom of artistic expression is fundamental. 

Our mission is through our own projects and in co-operation with others to create a visible arena for bold, open-minded and inclusive stage art for a broad audience  

Key values: 

Commitment – distinctiveness – openness 

Gender balance, inclusion, diversity and representativeness 

Grenland Friteater is committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive cultural workplace  and prevent all types of discrimination. 

 Grenland Friteater seeks to offer a platform for individuals to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas creatively regardless of race, gender, nationality or social status. 

 Grenland Friteater is committed to seeking gender equality in all aspects of our work. We have a long history of working with and for women from a broad range of cultural organizations for many years.  

 Grenland Friteater is committed to counter racial and cultural discrimination and work for the integration of new citizens in local society and to strengthen cultural Identity and Community Building. 

 Grenland Friteater is committed to further social cohesion, inclusion and integration and to offer a space for marginalized groups.