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Workshop: Stuart Lynch: Selfish mirror, Bodyweather Sustainable Coaching

3 hours I NTRODUCTION TO BSC and its founding principles of Sustainability, Communication, and Energy through food, movement and coaching. With Suart Lynch and Zoe Christiansen


  • Torsdag 8. Februar 2024
    16:30 - 19:30 / Nedre Jønholt GårdKjøp

Om forestillingen

It is an invitation to experience, and share how we might move, think and eat more healthily with two experts in their fields. 

Ending in a shared meal, through body-work, coaching and food we explore our intrinsic states of thinking, moving and eating.  The workshop is designed to release and free the participant into thought and choices for more sustainable wholistic life-actions. 

The workshop contains unique modules and exercises divided into 3 main areas:  MIND BODY LESSONS ‘dietary empowering habits for how one moves, one’s posture, breathing and voice’ 

FOOD, COOKING AND DIET approaches for our most fundamental health through food, cooking, and sustainability’ 

COACHING: ATTITUDE, HABIT & CHOICE creating a focused mindset that is unique to each person, effective, practical and above all – simple!’ 

 The workshop will be in English! You don`t need any particular scills or experience to attend. 

STUART LYNCH is an accredited CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), has studied philosophy, psychology and was the Headmaster of the Copenhagen Film and Theatre school from 2013 to 2023. Originally Lynch was a dancer with the dancer and actor Min Tanaka who originated the term and form of Bodyweather.  

ZOE CHRISTIANSEN   is the founder of Northern Company and is working at the intersection of food, art and entrepreneurship. Originally Christiansen was a awarded Theatre Director and is found among the “100 Inspirational Female Founders of Ocean & Energy 2023”. 

Pris: 500 kr inkl et måltid. Påmelding: her